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Basketball Results 2008
The 2008 medalists for the MSO basketball event, held Sept. 13 at the Marilyn J. Praisner Recreation Center in Burtonsville:

Gold—The Baby Boomers (Prince George's County)—Howard Andrews, George Pruden, Ronnie Stokes, Alfonso Taylor.

Silver—Aged to Perfection (Baltimore County)—Brian Hoover, Harold Clasing, William Deckert, Ralph Kruger, Durelle Lewis.

Bronze—Just Want to Play (Prince George's County)—Daryel Dunston, Barry Hartman, Maurice Jones, Ronald Perry, Eric Stinson.

Gold—Glenwood Vipers (Howard County)—Colin McGraw, John Bagileo, Robert Connolly, Daniel Contreras, Frank Kitzmiller, Jack Melcher, Marty Mundy, Herbert Parcover, Robert Sharp, Bruce Snyder, Johnny Weisenborn.

Gold—Bowie Bullets (Prince George's County)—Duwayne Brown, Domenic Cetrone, Ronald Jones, Steve Lawrence, John McNellis.

Silver—Maryland Sage (Baltimore County)—Bill Alexson, Edward Merholtz, Gerry Poiter, Nelson Polun, Wayne White.

Bronze—BYKOTA (Baltimore County)—Peter Connally, Charles Cooper, Tony Hawkins, Mirko Kopajtic, Joe Medved, George Roth, Jack Chambers, Tony Dowgiewicz.

Gold—The 65ers (Montgomery County)—John Hannigan, Henry Hennings, William Kirvan, Ira Kramer, Kenneth Lynch, Raymond McClellan.

Gold—No Time to Lose (Montgomery County)—Colin Church, Bert Conger, Robert Keller, James Martin, Richard Silas, Paul Spishak, John Staines, Robert Stroud, Delbert Wilson.

Gold—BYKOTA (Baltimore County)—Gilbert Hoffman, Joe Kamantia, Paul McCillicudy, Rakoh Piersanti, Henry Thielman, Thomas Vaughan, George Kimmett, Frank Lastner, Jimmie Brown.

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