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MSO List of Honorees
Members of the Maryland Senior Olympics Hall of Fame, and all-time winners of the orgaization's Commission Citation Award and Robert G. Zeigler Service Award:

Hall of Fame
Class of 2004 (inaugural)
Gary Arthur
Ed Benham
Jeannie Bouton
Wally Dashiell
Louis Goldstein
Samuel Griffith
Elmer Hall
Frank Herrelko
Yvonne Kronlage
Mimi Lee
Jack Manley
S.C.A.M.P.S. Group
Beach Schultz
Judy Snyder
Vicki Stallings
James Stookey
Agnes Taylor
Carolyn Walters
Robert Zeigler
Lenore "Ginny Lee" Zeigler

Class of 2005
Nancy Brown
Ed Lanehart

Audry Lary
Jack McDonald
Mary Tsottles

Class of 2006
Bob Eikenberg
Bernie Fowler
Harvey Geller
Esko Hallila
Walter Sompayrac
Evelyn Wright

Class of 2008
Hilda Anderson
Jim Condell
Tom Page
Doris Russell
Helen Schley

Class of 2009
Phil Adams
Nicholas Greaves
Joe Holland
Bill Osburn
Bill Tait

Maryland Senior Olympics Commission Citation Award
1997—Agnes Taylor
1998—John Ey
1999—Lenore Zeigler
2000—Dr. Hoke Smith
2002—Jack Manley
2006—Hilda Anderson and Chuck Slater
2008—Carol Brady and Richard Bush
2009—John Stewart

Robert G. Zeigler Service Award
1999—Robert Zeigler
2000—Towson University Dept. of Kinesiology
2002—State of Maryland Dept. of Aging
2006—Verizon Telecommunications
2008—Arnold Eppel
2009—Salisbury University

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